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Letter to the Editor

Elect the best: Kathy Goss

This letter originally appeared in the Statesman Journal.

Kathy Goss is the most capable candidate for the Salem-Keizer School Board, Zone 1.

I have known Kathy for several years and feel she has the best background and experience to help manage the multimillion-dollar budget of the Salem-Keizer School District. Kathy has a Doctorate in Education Administration and worked as an administrator. Along with her experience as a teacher, I believe this makes her the most valuable of the candidates running.

Why should we not elect the best? Vote for Kathy Goss for Zone 1.

Wayne Simmons


Goss knows what is needed to ensure student success

This letter originally appeared in the Statesman Journal.

Kathy Goss answered the graduation rate question with the understanding that it begins in the first three grades. If a child has a strong start in school, success follows. Trying to play catch-up with older students seldom works and those programs are expensive.

Putting emphasis on the primary grades, making sure that by third grade all students read and write at grade level will result in successful high school students and high graduation rates.

Kathy Goss knows what it takes to make the school district reach its potential. Vote for her — she’s needed.

Ottilie Chomiak


Goss will bring fresh perspective to school board

This letter originally appeared in the Statesman Journal.

The Salem-Keizer School District is fortunate that Kathy Goss has decided to run for the open seat representing Zone 1.

I have known and worked with Kathy for nearly 25 years through business and many civic issues. She is hard working, dedicated and understands financial issues far better than many in the public sector.

Kathy was raised and schooled in Salem and was an educator, both in the classroom and as an administrator. Together with the district’s staff and other school board directors, Kathy will bring disciplined and creative alternatives to the table and help solve the problems facing the district, including diminishing resources.

I am not alone in recognizing that Oregon has become too enamored with form over substance. Our statewide leaders have chosen to ignore those pesky PERS-related shortfalls and are burdening succeeding generations with debts that are already beginning to choke basic services and education. It is time to face reality and start working our way out of the hole.

Kathy Goss is up to this task and will bring a fresh perspective to the school board. She is deserving of your vote and your support.

David Glennie


Best candidates for school board: Goss, Baker, Lippold

This letter originally appeared in the Statesman Journal.

I once ran for a position on the Portland Community College board of directors. I had only business experience, spent no money and had no endorsements. Elected twice, I served as chair during a $60 million capital building project and my more experienced fellow board members would tell you I did an excellent job.

For those thinking school board directors need experience in administration or non-profits, you are misinformed. Today we need board members who analyze and challenge current policies and represent students and their parents (primarily) and then teachers and administrators.

We need willing listeners who are also independent problem solvers and who understand our community.

I support Kathy Goss, Jonathan Baker and Jesse Lippold for Salem-Keizer School Board. Each brings different strengths: Goss is an experienced educator, administrator and business owner. Baker has worked solving problems for communities in need and dealing with government contracts for 20 years. And Lippold, age 21, is a former SKSD student (current college student) who has successfully overcome tremendous challenges. Ironically, none have the support of unions or PACS.

I believe that in these financially trying times they are the best candidates and will serve our school district very well.

Marcia Atkinson


Time for change; vote for Goss, Baker, Lippold

This letter originally appeared in the Statesman Journal.

Volunteerism is a time-honored tradition, and every member of the Salem-Keizer School Board gives fully of their time and resources serving their community without compensation.

There comes a time, however, when even well-intentioned volunteers must realize they are not accomplishing anything. Such is the case with the current union-endorsed majority on the board. Marty Heyen is the exception.

The voters now have a choice between continuing the current feckless inertia or voting for three candidates who will bring new perspectives to the board. None of them is heavily endorsed financially by the usual suspects (i.e., unions).

Kathy Goss is more than qualified. Her entire professional life has been spent in all aspects of childhood education. Jonathan Baker will focus on more parental control and improving our currently miserable school graduation rate. Jesse Lippold, with his youthful enthusiasm and accomplishments despite adversity, is the type of addition the board needs.

Please join me in electing Kathy Goss, Jonathan Baker and Jesse Lippold to the Salem-Keizer School Board.

Marie Innes


Mark your ballot for the best person for the job: Kathy Goss

This letter originally appeared in the Statesman Journal.

As a past mayor of Salem with children and grandchildren living in this community, I know we need to improve our school system. When changes need to occur, I choose the very best person for the job.

For Salem-Keizer schools, this would absolutely be Dr. Kathy Goss. She has a history of experience in so many areas: teacher, counselor, administrator and even as superintendent of schools. Not every board member needs these credentials, but at least one candidate needs to have actually worked in schools.

That’s just a fraction of what she has accomplished. She has operated a large Oregon corporation, owned an appraisal business with her husband and served on and been president of many boards in our community, both private, city of Salem and state-wide.

The most important thing is that she understands it’s all about the kids and their opportunity to become citizens of this great country.

Please mark your ballot for the best person for the job: Kathy Goss.

Kent Aldrich


Goss an excellent choice for school board

This letter originally appeared in the Statesman Journal.

Please join me in voting for Kathy Goss for Salem-Keizer School Board, Zone 1. Kathy is uniquely qualified for this position since she has a Doctorate in Education Administration.

I have known Kathy for many years and she would make an excellent member of the school board.

Larry R. George


Goss, Baker, Lippold strong candidates for school board

This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Statesman Journal

I greatly admire those who decide to take the “plunge” and run for public office, especially for the core positions that are most valuable to our communities.

School board is at the top of the list as far as I am concerned and I highly recommend and endorse: Kathy Goss in Zone 1, Jonathan Baker in Zone 3 and Jesse Lippold in Zone 5. Each brings something very unique to the board and each would be a valuable asset to our Salem and Keizer communities.

I endorse them as a state representative and as a resident and voter in Keizer.

I urge you to vote for each of these strong candidates and applaud all who choose to run in local races.

Bill Post


Goss is the clear choice for school board

This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Statesman Journal

I am supporting Kathy Goss as the clear choice for Salem-Keizer School Board Zone 1. Kathy has years of direct educational experience and holds a doctorate in education administration.

Kathy served as a teacher in the Salem-Keizer School District and also served as administrator of guidance and counseling. Kathy’s experience includes principal/superintendent in the Detroit School District.

Kathy is a fourth generation Salem resident. She believes that every school tax dollar should be efficiently maximized to profit the student. Kathy’s focus is that all students are proficient readers by grade three and she advocates for more instructional time for students. Currently, Salem-Keizer schools barely meet the minimum number of instructional days.

Kathy Goss is endorsed by Oregon Sen. Jackie Winters, along with others in the educational community.

We need quality people with real world educational experience on our school board. I’m supporting Kathy Goss for Salem-Keizer School Board Zone 1.

Gerald Lindsey